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okie dokie - Elf*Con!!

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October 9th, 2007

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08:27 pm - okie dokie
Got pics from you all and I will get to work on our shirts. Larry says he'll help...

Also was mentioned some autrogrpahed shirts. We can do that too... the ones I have are black but we can design some in other colors when y'all get here!

OH and Larian and I were chatting last night and we talked about having to pack so much for your stays... you don't have to bring tons of clothes. We can wash and dry and such at my house so just bring the minimun number of clothes to cut down on your luggage if you like!

We also talked abouit the Cherokee thing. We may not go... it might be more fun just to hang nearer to home so we won't have to waste much time traveling! More time for eating and gabbing that way!

Y'all got suggestions for foods you like, stuff you want to do, places to see, etc?

I'm getting pretty excited!


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Date:October 10th, 2007 08:38 pm (UTC)

Ohhh, did you get me a big shirt? I regained most of the weight I lost earlier this year. *sniffles* :( Black is great! :)

As for the clothes... I am not sure I can *not* pack a lot, lol! It's all mentally induced! For some reason I cannot stop packing before two suitcases are full! But I promise to *try* being better... a little... maybe... O:) How big is the trunk of your car? O:)

Ohh, how far is Cherokee away? I thought it was near. But you know... I don't think it is important where we are as long as we are there together! :)

Food: Taco Bell! Taco Bell! Taco Bell! O:) All of that we had last year! :) And maybe a cinnomon roll and a piece of pumpkin cake from Walmart or so. We just don't have those delicacies!

Places: Walmart! Walmart! Walmart! :) Mayberry! And hmm... do you have any suggestions? Does the band happen to have a concert while we are there?

Squeeeeeeeee, I am excited tooooo! :)

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